I am the Empress of Capricious Codex Publishing. I discovered you get to be an Empress legally if you put that down as your role in the company. The purpose of the company is to portray diversity in its authors and books. The moments I enjoy the most as an author are selfish and expansive. I love thinking of things that make me cry or burst out laughing. When someone recognizes themselves or a loved one in something I write and they let me know it has meaning to them, that is a priceless experience.

I am the narrator of ‘The Boy Who Was Seen as a Villain,’ which was written by my son Christopher Gary. I am the co-narrator of ‘The Hockenfur Tangent’ with my husband, Jim Kingery. I am the author of ‘The Hockenfur Tangent.’

The made-up word that best describes my writing is ‘adorifying.’

I am currently working on my next book, terrified and giggling.


The Hockenfur Tangent

Leah and Jareth collide on a Manhattan street and land in a splattered heap of takeout food, pain and chagrin. When the first sarcastic quip about their circumstances slips through preoccupied lips, unique and agile banter results.

With Jareth unwilling to take ‘no’ for an answer and Leah unwilling to give it, they end up at a diner, each tangled in motivations and circumstances they are certain the other could not possibly understand. They make each other laugh, think and imagine, becoming addicted to and dependent on the atmosphere they create when they are together.

There might be fairy dust in the gyros.

Sensing kindred but not knowing why or how, they both become unwilling and unable to let go of newly-possible intimacy and potential understanding they convince themselves must be truth because they need it more than they need their solitary safety.

The Hockenfur Tangent - Chapter 1Linda Kingery
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Kimawen and Haveri belong to a crystalline race living on a world that is cold, sharp, magnetic and electrically charged. When they’re not arguing or trying to prank each other they might be able to grant
innovative and unique gifts composed of light, faith and dedication to themselves and to their people.

What they were taught didn’t prepare them for the world they were in, much less the world they helped create. Imperfect Gods create imperfect things and being a God or a Goddess is a terrible thing.

Perhaps wisdom would indicate they should not meddle further. Unfortunately, knowledge must always come before wisdom, wisdom is unavailable without experience and experience has high costs.

The only certain thing is that there are always going to be spiders

Hi there, my name is Christopher Gary, an author with Autism Spectrum Disorder. You may be wondering why and how I would become an author, and the answer is simple: Spite.
The Boy Who Was Seen As A Villain ChapteChristopher Gary
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We’re a publishing company hoping to produce unique art and represent diverse authors. Our hope is that an author with a unique point of view might reach someone who needed and wanted to hear exactly those words.

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