I've been working on a novel for several years (Chertima) and much of the content is about what makes up our identity. I've moved it off Earth and set it in a fantasy world. I will be working with body identity, mind identity, religious identity and social identity. Moving it to crystalline beings made it much easier to create a body identity system with more modular options. I'm afraid I can't solve human immortality. It's not that kinda book. With my last book 'The Hockenfur Tangent' I set identity up to be a deeply subjective thing, which I find to be true with very persuasive and charming people. I have much more solid template for identity in my new protagonists, but where Leah and Jareth in 'The Hockenfur Tangent' had New York City to use as a setting, my new guys need a whole world built around them. I'm attempting to take my time, make each word count. I want to create beautiful and horrible things that make a good story. That's a lot of blank canvas. I'm grateful for the ability to spend a lot of time on conjured details, which is a practice that in many ways translates into my reality. As I create finely-crafted metaphors and private jokes, tropes and systems, I become inspired to do the same for myself. Small things become translated into reality - I'm focused more on hand-crafted, meaningful and beautiful things in my own life as a result.

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